Besa Plastic - Plastic Garden Furnitures

Do Not Call Qualities Away...

We produce plastic garden furniture varieties with high quality, technology and experience with its expert staff in 3.500 m2 open and 3.500 m2 closed space modern production facility. As Besa Plastik, we continue to raise our hatchet in the sector without restricting our targets.


Being the leading brand in the world...


Always pass the quality and different projects in the furniture sector...


1. Being sincere, sincere and disciplined,

2. To provide quality, stylish and affordable products,

3. To be correct, smooth and fast,

4. Be innovative, different and privileged,

5. Being aware of our social responsibilities,,

6. Being practical, planned, solution and result oriented,

7. To create the best in common harmony,

8. Being self-confident and humble,

9. Our power; Our employees, our solution partners, our honesty and our loyalty to business ethics.